Mark Holland & Friends / Music For Healing and Peace

October 28 at The Chapel
6238 Alexander Dr. Saint Louis, MO 63105
8pm. (doors at 7:15)

$10.00 in advance. $15 at the door. (Includes 2 free drinks)

An evening of relaxing music with Mark Holland - world flutes and Amy Camie - harp, Josh Daly - percussion, Pati Pellerito - singing bowls, Ben Von Harz - handpan

Flutes to be used for this program are:
Native American Flutes (including sub bass flutes, dual chamber, buffalo horn, special tuned flutes)
Suling (Indonesia), Dizi (China), Xiao (China), Bansuri (India), D whistle (Ireland)

The Chapel -

AMY CAMIE is a professional harpist, award winning performer, composer, recording artist, author, public speaker and Founder of the Scientific Arts Foundation. For the past 20 years, she has been active in the sound healing community with over nine research studies supporting the value of her music. Results indicate how her solo harp music increases brainwave functioning, supports the immune system and reduces pain, distress and anxiety levels. She has presented over 200 seminars and workshops for local, regional and national audiences on the power of sound and vibration. She is a contributing author to two international books, “The Spiritual Significance of Music” and “LOVE LIVE FORGIVE”, and is a Spiritual Initiator and Guide of The ORIGINS Process, a multifaceted system of self-discovery and inner connection. Amy's CDs are used in hospitals, cancer centers, hospices, nursing homes and with military veterans as well as for general relaxation and stress reduction around the world.

PATI PELLERITO is an integrative therapist using sound, body awareness, breath and meditation. In 1994 she began her practice as a licensed massage therapist/bodyworker, her studies led her to Kototama Medicine, a Japanese naturopathic modality, drawing upon Eastern philosophies of wellness. Receiving certification in Sound Therapy in 2008 brought profound healing through vibrational sound energy medicine with the use of Himalayan Singing Bowls and gongs. Pati offers individual sessions, group workshops, sound meditation and collaborative musical concerts, creating a a supportive environment for deep listening experiences.

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