Mark Holland started the project, Autumn's Child in 1995. He began his publishing and recording label, Cedar n Sage Music in 1997. He recorded and released 25 CDs from that time through 2018. Holland has a BA in Music from the University of Missouri. On his recordings and in performance he showcased the Native American style flute and various world flutes. He covered all the ranges of native flutes in composition not often used by other contemporary artists. His music blends various styles (genre bending) and includes unique instrumentation. The music received a number of awards throughout the years in a variety of categories. Holland had been a featured artist at numerous Native American Flute Festivals and World Flute Festivals among others. While he no longer tours or records his own works, he may appear on occasion in concert or at a select festival or as a guest on a recording project. His music can be heard on a variety of online radio stations worldwide, as well as Sirius/XM radio and Echoes, PRI, JPR and NPR stations and Hearts Of Space to name a few. The music has also been played on Frontier, Jet Blue, Air Tran airlines and other domestic and international airlines.

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